Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nat'l Training Day 1 Party Demo Nikki Bassham

I write down a lot, some of it is information I already knew but forgot and some is completely new.  These are my notes from Nikki's party demo:

  • You can start and end your day with Pure Romance.
  • Excape bubble bath- vitamin E, pheromones, California pink champagne
  • Pulsa ball- Kids will learn when they knock on the door and hear vibrating sound they know mom's getting clean.  May hear her "getting clean" 3 times a day!
  • Body Dew- good for psoriasis, eczema, can use as a bath oil, put on while damp, pair together with Coochy with discount
  • Kiss- natural pheromones, sexy scent, pair with Excape
  • Hot heart massager- use with Serenity, massage each guests arm
  • Between the Sheets- Men can't remember to put the toilet seat down but they can remember to scootch our bottoms over so we're in the wet spot.
  • Dream- mist pillow to help you rest, good for stress/to help shut your mind down, good for kids after a nightmare, use on bottom of feet for reflexology 
  • Basic Instinct- roll onto both wrists- don't rub wrists together
  • Body Bling- edible shimmer, a little gloss goes a long way
  • Kiss and Tell- not greasy/sticky, on those windy days your fly away hair won't stick to your lips
  • Perfect Pout- doesn't burn like other plumpers, Put around lips at night to help reduce lines.  Pair with Kiss and Tell.
  • Miracle Oil- a little goes a long way, good skin element, great for dry heels, cuticles, scratches, skin healer, good anti-fungal and antiseptic, all natural.
  • Tickle Your Fancy- teaches self pleasure and helps you find your hot spots
  • Tickle His Pickle- This will make you a penis genius!
  • Lubricants are pharmaceutical grade or better
  • Show Just Like Me and Pure Pleasure together on different hands.  Ask guests which they like better.  JLM can be applied ahead of time.  PP is like the Energizer Bunny of lubricants.
  • Whipped- use original for those prone to infections
  • Ex T Cee- Level 1- for women with a good sex drive
  • Nimpho Niagra- Level 1- for women with middle of the road sex drive.  No dyes or flavors so he'll never know you've given yourself a boost!
  • X Scream- Level 3- for women with low libido due to nature, Rx, post baby or post op
  • 7th Heaven- upgrade from silver bullet, OMG speed at the end and auto shut off button
  • Micro Bullet- (this is my biggest seller) silicone cover warms to body temperature, "high" or "hell high!" very intense, not good for first timers, "tic tac on crack"
  • Magic Fingers- silicone, very flexible, waterproof, intense
  • Hidden Drama- doesn't look like a bedroom accessory, great in a traffic jam!
  • Disco Stick- very simple, firm texture, slender girth, good beginner, lights up, take it to the club!
  • Thunder Vibe- "Lebron James" bullet in the base to trigger vaginal orgasm, handle so you won't drop it, waterproof
  • G-spot- Like a unicorn as a child, if you don't see it it doesn't exist
  • Thumbs up- have guests hold it like their shaking a hand
  • Buzz- 9 different speeds, Bumble Bee to tickle your Honey Pot every time
  • Give vibrators at least 3 tries before you decide you don't like them.
  • Platinum Pete-  If you change your FB status to "Pete" I'll know you had a good night, great for the whole area, wings hit the labia, beads stimulate g spot, nose hits clitoris.  
  • Why so expensive?  Buying a vibrator is like buying a car- you can get a Ford Focus or a Lamborghini- depends on your budget and what you want it to do.
  • Using soap to clean toys- soap scum can harbor bacteria, can break down plastic, using Come Clean is much cheaper than a doctor visit and Rx.
  • Sugar Sacks- 70% bio shield, no germs/bactieria, hiding place from dogs and kids, hang it in your closet- easy to find.
  • Ben Wa Balls- featured on Oprah, great for Kegals.  Start with 1 then work up to 2.  Strengthens PC muscles which will make sex more pleasurable.
  • Vagina puppet-

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